Tile & Grout Specialest

With a reputation built on offering superior service, experienced team and high quality materials that we use, Pinnacle Restaurant Solutions Inc tile division is one of the most sought after tile and grout repairs company today. PRS commercial tile and grout division is lead by the owner of PRS who has over 30 years experience in the tile industry. Our tile technicians have been with the company for over 15 years and are the most knowledgeable and the best the industry has to offer.

Challenges & Options

Grout and tile repairs can come with many different challenges that need to be met depending on the nature of the failed area, job site conditions and time frame for the completion of the repair. Todays industry offers many different types of materials that can be used to execute these demands of the different types of repairs and the working time available to meet our clients needs.


Top Of The List

Tile and grout repairs are always at the top of the repairs and maintenance list of all national brands and for good reasons. Some of those reasons are the potential of a law suit or worker comp claim if an employee should slip, trip or fall on a section of floor that has lifted or broken loose do to hydrostatic pressure or any other reason. Next restaurants see many health code citations because of low grout that is holding food, liquors, water and food juices. Restaurant pest control service calls for fruit flies and pest are always more frequent when the grout is low. The low grout joints promote harborage for pest and fruit flies. Last but certainly not least full grout joints make the restaurant much easier to keep clean helping to promote a healthy building.


Doing It Right

Proper execution of tile and grout repairs are crucial to the quality of the repair and here at PRS we do not allow whats know as skimming over exiting grout which is guaranteed to fail. This is the process where other companies will skim over the existing grout to fill the grout joint. This is a much faster process and will begin to flake out over a short period of time. This allows the company to charge less all while costing the restaurant a lot more in the long run with a failed repair job. The proper commercial restaurant grout repair job should consist of the grout joint being 100% cut out wherever possible. Filling the grout joint complete with new grout will ensure a longer lasting repair job giving the restaurant more value for their money.

What You Should Know About Your Grout

Re-grouting your floor in time is crucial. The longer you wait the worse your floor will get. After decades of experience and auditing the condition of commercial restaurant floors we can back up our claim that the care for your grout will have everything to do with how long your grout will last. Making it very clear you should NOT use water hoses or pressure washers in the restaurant to clean your tile and grout as this will greatly decrease the longevity of your grout life stand before needing new grout again. This alone will lower the grout leaving the joint low and to collect food juices, food and water and creating an area for fruit flies and pest harborage. We recommend using buckets of cleaning water and a squeegee. This will extend the life of your grout. Normally this will be a 14 -22 month period.